Iowa Ice Fishing

Iowa Ice Fishing

There are definitely some drawbacks to wintering in a northern location.  You have to deal with the cold wind-chill indexes, blizzards, and frostbit fingers.  Having said that, there's an upside to winter's arrival in northeastern Iowa that few get the opportunity to experience.  

Take for example the glories of a dead-calm winter morning.  Of walking across a frozen Iowa lake through silence so thick that you can hear the hiss of snowflakes falling? How about sitting expectantly over a hole drilled in the ice, black water stark against the white ice? How about reeling wriggling panfish after panfish from that hole, until you call it a day and trudge back across the ice toward a meal of fresh, flaky fillets?

It's tough to beat Iowa ice fishing.  We found that many northern Iowa residence actually ice fish more than they fish during the warm open water summer months.  In 2008 northern Iowa had safe ice for 110 days and we went ice fishing 34 times.

We have a long list of reasons as to why we enjoy Iowa ice fishing so much… enjoyment To start, it’s typically very peaceful and calm out on the ice.   Many times we go out on Clear Lake and are the only people on the lake.  We always make sure to ware plenty of layers so the cold weather is never a problem.  Watching the sunrise out on the middle of the lake makes Iowa ice fishing worth every minute.

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In our opinion, Iowa ice fishing is much easier than summer fishing.  In the summer you have launch a boat, fight the wind, and worry about the fish moving in or out of spots because they're so mobile and scattered in warm water. When you’re ice fishing in Iowa you just walk out, drill a hole and start fishing. Find the fish once and the work is finished.  Now you simply sit back and enjoy your Iowa ice fishing experience!

However the beauty of winter and the logistical compensation provided by reduced fish mobility are minor when compared to the primary reason as to why we love Iowa ice fishing.  

It’s been our experience that we seem to catch more fish during the winter than we do the summer.  It’s more fun fishing when you’re catching fish!  Iowa ice fishing is always an extremely enjoyable experience!

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